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Deadzone – Plague (Coronavirus Episode)

OOPS!!! NYT “Nurse” Caught Wearing SOMEONE ELSE’S BADGE

Media using fear as a weapon

Video of Sinclair anchors voicing same script about fake news goes viral

33 Degrees Of Pure Masonic Fun

CBS News Staged Fake COVID-19 Testing Line (Project Veritas)

Caught Red-Handed Using Dummies In Coronavirus Pandemic …

1976 Swine Flu Propaganda

The Pentagon psychological operation in Iraq following the 2003 invasion by the United States.

Gulf Oil Spill – The More Spills Change the More They Stay the Same

CNN Fake Newscast From the Iraq War – Best Quality

TV commercials are sounding the same, as if they are all reading from the same script.

How “fake news” and misinformation online is changing society.

CIA Media Infiltration & Operation Mockingbird | Brainwash Update