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15 Questions We Should Be Asking About Coronavirus

Are you doubting the narrative that you’ve been given? If so, read on.

  • 1. If there really is a deadly pandemic why are we not hearing sirens go off throughout the day and night?
  • 2. If there really is a deadly pandemic why are all the undertakers / morticians saying that business is usual or under usual?
  • 3. If there really is a deadly pandemic why are we not seeing ques of people at cemeteries and crematoriums burying their dead?
  • 4. If there really is a deadly pandemic why are all the stats saying that the deaths were were within normal ranges last year?
  • 5. If there really is a deadly pandemic why have all of the flu stats disappeared since last March?
  • 6. If the first lockdown DIDN’T work then why are we doing it again?
  • 7. If the first lockdowns DID work why are we doing them again?
  • 8. Why is the government listening to their own appointed “experts” and not listening to the many doctors and nurses that are coming forth to speak out against this even though they’re getting black balled and censored from the medical industry?
  • 9. Why is lamestream media showing coverage of chaos in hospitals but in reality they are near empty?
  • 10. If there really is a deadly pandemic why are there so many nurses out of work and hospitals being closed?
  • 11. If covid-19 began in 2019 then why did all the governments around the world order and have delivered so many covid-19 PCR test kits in 2017? (*See link below)
  • 12. If used masks are so contagious why do we see so many of them littering the streets and countrysides?
  • 13. If there really is a worldwide pandemic then why do the rules differ so greatly from city to city state to state and country to country?
  • 14. If covid does not affect children then why are the schools closed?
  • 15. If masks work then why haven’t we been using them year to year for the flu that has killed so many people? (The box itself says they are not effective on Corona virus by the way). And do you think your FASHIONABLE FABRIC mask is doing any better?!
  • 16. Why haven’t we seen any people keeling over and dying in the streets like they showed with the crisis actors in China?
  • 17. If we should avoid crowds of people including our own family gatherings why are there crowds of people in grocery stores while family run businesses are dying?!
  • 18. Why are the governments calling positive PCR test cases and not just a positive result? And why are they labeling deaths caused by other issues covid deaths just because they tested positive???!!
  • 19. Why has the mainstream media not told you that the WHO updated its guidelines to say that the PCR tests are unreliable and should not be used?
  • 20. If a cough or sneeze droplet can carry up to 30 ft why are you only social distancing 6 ft?
  • 21. Why are you okay with rubbing disinfectant poison into your skin throughout your day killing the good bacteria and destroying your immune system?
  • 22. Why do we need an experimental DNA changing vaccine on a virus with a 99.97% recovery rate?! A vaccine that is causing deaths and paralysis with many people throughout the world!!!
  • 23. If the vaccine does work why can you still get and transmit the disease after you’ve taken the vaccine?
  • 24. If you take the deadly vaccine why do you still have to wear the mask and social distance?
  • 25. How many people do you personally know that have died from covid and not from some other type of disease, old age, or the flu? And then compare that to how many people you know who have vaccine-related issues such as autism.
  • 26. Do you know that they are using this ruse to obtain total control over people while they crash the economy and set up their new world order?
  • 27. Are you aware of agenda 2030?
  • 28. Have you heard of the Georgia guidestones and depopulation? And do you think that you are important when they have robots and drones that can do your job?
  • 29. Are you okay with trusting your health to a eugenicist, Bill Gates who uses different kinds of animal DNA, poisons, and aborted fetal tissue from his family’s Planned Parenthood to make vaccines and who supports depopulation? A man who is wanted in other countries for KILLING, PARALYZING, and STERILIZING children!!! A man who has bought up more than half of our farmlands here in the US? (Control the food control the people)
  • 30. Now ask yourself this are you okay with this?
  • Oh and one more question. Are you okay with the censorship of anything other than the propaganda that lame-stream media allows? What are they afraid of? The truth?

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