A ‘Bird Flu’ Narrative Is Being Established By The Ruling Class

The ruling class, with the help of the mainstream media, have already started to establish an official “bird flu” narrative.

Though there is still no sign that the bird flu virus is capable of spreading to humans, experts are allegedly watching the outbreak closely.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is also working to ensure that should the worst happen, supplies of vaccines are available for us.

It looks like it’s only matter of time before human bird flu becomes the next plandemic

Crafting a narrative around the bird flu that’s similar to the one they built around the COVID scamdemic means the ruling class would get to “kill two birds with one stone,” so to speak. It would destroy our already devastated food supplies while terrorizing the naive public into getting vaccinated with, most likely, more experimental and known to be harmful mRNA injections that will lead to depopulation.

According to ABC News, the particular outbreak the rulers are designing a narrative around is caused by the H5N1 bird flu virus, which was first discovered in China in 1996. In 2021, a new variant of that virus emerged and started spreading around the world. The virus started infecting chickens on poultry farms in the United States in February 2022.

Nichola Hill, a virologist at the University of Massachusetts Boston is helping to make sure this narrative sticks.  The claim is that this is the deadliest bird flu outbreak in U.S. history with nearly 60 million poultry being affected. And by “affected” they mean slaughtered and culled whether they were sick or not. Wild birds in all 50 states have the virus.

And it’s affecting other species too. “It’s never really been seen in this number of different wild species before,” Hill says. It’s also infecting mammals: skunks, bears, seals, foxes, dolphins, and animals of other species are showing up with the virus. “That’s not really how bird flu should behave,” she says.

“It still isn’t hitting on that magic combination of mutations that are necessary to unlock efficient human transmission,” Hill says. But it’s still important to watch and try to contain H5N1 spread in other animal species, because every time it adapts to a new host, there’s a chance those mutations could happen. “We’re rolling the dice every time,” she says.