A Breakdown on Current Testing Procedures

Duke-trained Doctor Andrew Kaufman explains it all in a concise 30-minute presentation. Humanity is not a virus. Covid-19 is an attack on humanity. What they’re calling a test is not a test – its a scarlet letter. The coronavirus is the body’s exosomes. These are secreted by the cells under numerous conditions.

For those who choose not to watch the video in its entirety, here is the timeline:

0:00-2:15 Introduction, credentials, acknowledgements

2:15 Review of Wuhan Fish Market

4:00 Chinese scientists first suspect bacteria, but then jump to virus without examining other possibilities

5:00 How Chinese “proved” it was a virus (it was never ‘purified’, i.e., isolated from contaminants and noise)

7:00 The “PCR” test, nature of the test and defects, 80% false positive results in asymptomatic people (no “gold standard”)

16:30 Introduction to EXOSOMES, what they are, why they are relevant

19:00 Comparison of exosomes and Covid-19 (identical in appearance)

22:00 Dimensional comparison of exosomes and Covid-19 (identical)

25:00 Why does the body produce exosomes (response to “insult” – toxins, illness, stress and fear too)

29:00 What exosomes do – protect cells from foreign attacks (electron microscope photo (colorized) reminds me of PacMan)

30:30 A review of current treatments for whatever people are getting, hydroxychloroquine and Vitamin C, a bit of a sidebar

34:30 Conclusions: 1) This is a mild pandemic, no cause for panic; 2) The testing being done that says people test positive for Covid-19 are actually testing for exosomes which are there due to stress and fear, a head cold of the flu or toxins; 3) Covid-19 is actually exosomes which are the RESULT and NOT THE CAUSE of illnesses; 4) There is no conclusive evidence of any virus.

Note at 36:00 is a brief discussion of the effects of 5G.

Note also that Kaufman (in this video) does not deny the existence of viruses. He simply says that Covid-19 is not that.