A Movie Scene From 1981 That Predicted Our Reality Today

My Dinner With Andrea – 1981

Looking back we can now see that the major turning point is the 1960s and if we adjust focus the date of 11/22/63 can be carved in stone as the operational turning point leading to now. Before November of 1963 Americans had hope, moral values, a strong family unit and pride in the country.

On a single day in November the first domino was pushed over, and this led to the utter decimation of what it meant to be American. By the end of the 60s a new world existed with fallen desperate mindsets as a result of domino after domino – staged, placed and then intentionally pushed over on the world “stage”.

Truly, all the world’s a stage and it is this stage that has been carefully staged managed to arrive at our fallen era. And do not fail to understand it was all an illusion, carefully staged and spiced with fear and violence, in order to control and steer the world mind. It worked as a fallen mind is a controllable mind.

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Source: Crrow777

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