Anthony Hopkins Fakes Getting Vaccine… Nurse Squirts His Shot Out The Window – Video

If you’re allowed to get the vax.. you’re not in the club.

This whole video doesn’t make sense. Looks like propaganda to me, why would sir Anthony Hopkins go to a drive up vax location? Over the top protection, 2 masks and face shield, squirting vax out onto the ground? Even if there was excess vaccine in the syringe, why empty the syringe out? They all go into a biohazard receptacle. Which makes me think he was injected with saline solution inside a “high dead space” needle. The remainder was harmlessly released out the window b/c it was NOT a biohazard.

The MSN Spin:

A spokesperson for the center told Reuters via email: “CHA HPMC administers the COVID-19 vaccination utilizing standard syringes provided by the LA County Department of Public Health. Every syringe is carefully prepared to ensure it contains the correct quantity of vaccine, and Mr. Hopkins received a full dose vaccination.

“The excess liquid pictured in the video is a result of residual volume that occupies the “dead space” in the needle system AFTER the full dose drawn into the syringe has been administered. This is expected, and “dead space” is present in every medication administered by injection.

“The vaccine present in the “dead space” is what was expelled out of the syringe after the full dose of the vaccine had been given to Mr. Hopkins.”

Reuters reported in January 2021 that the U.S. government had begun providing syringes with low dead space to minimise the amount of vaccine left in the syringe after use. This aimed to squeeze more doses from Pfizer vaccine vials, but the plan was hindered by limited supply of the special syringes (here).

The spokesperson for CHA HPMC added they were “one of LA’s first hospital-based drive-thru vaccination points of distribution”.