CDC Director: Says Boosters Needed For Vax Passports To Be Up To Date

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky told the nation on Friday that soon, a booster shot will be needed in order for one to be considered “up to date” with their Covid vaccines.

“What we’re really working to do is pivot the language to make sure that everybody is as up to date with their Covid-19 vaccine as they personally could be, should be based on when they got their last vaccine,” she told CBSN.

Walensky continued, “Importantly, right now, we’re pivoting our language. We really want to make sure people are up to date. That means if you recently got your second dose, you’re not eligible for a booster, you’re up to date. If you are eligible for a booster and you haven’t gotten it, you’re not up to date and you need to get your booster in order to be up to date.”

Just as nearly every alternative media outlet predicted, the pandemic did not end with the first or second shots, and we can tell you now that the third will not be the last.