COVID-19 has contributed to 0.03% of global deaths so far this year.

Some of you may been tracking the daily statistics on Worldometers. I was doing some exploration on the site outside of the Coronavirus numbers and wanted to point your attention to some interesting statistics.

These numbers were screen shot as of March 10th 2020. For up to date numbers please go here. World Population

Globally, we’ve had 11,224,667 deaths so far this year. 4,027 of them are attributable to COVID-19. This implies that 0.03% of global deaths are from coronavirus.

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Even more interesting is the breakout in where these deaths are coming from. We have death coming from every part of the world. And for many of these items, there are THINGS THAT WE CAN DO ABOUT IT.

Yet, where is the media coverage on the other causes of death?

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