Famous Church Displays Nativity Scene Promoting Fifth Dose of Covid Vaccine – Video

Globalists in Italy seize on the Christmas holiday to promote their covid “vaccine” agenda. A doctor appears among the statues of the large nativity scene set up by a Catholic NGO, Community of Sant’Egidio, in the basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere, Italy. 

Among the many scenes of daily life reproduced in the representation of the Nativity, there is also the one that portrays a health worker holding a ‘covid 19 vaccination – 5th dose’ certificate and addressing a group of other waiting characters. The latter, in particular, are all with open arms, as if they were ardently hoping to receive the divine grace of the Covid vaccine as soon as possible.

Shockingly, some vaccine hopefuls were not wearing their canonical face masks.

The pro-vaccine NGO leaders’ opinions took a different view as they explained their reasons for their choice. The scene, explained by the Globalist group, is just one of the various representations of the community’s daily activities.

“We wanted to show the services we provide to the poor every day, from canteens to assistance for the elderly, from food distributions to the prevention of covid. In this sense, the activity of our vaccination hub is also shown, created to help people who would not have been vaccinated, such as the homeless or foreigners who do not have health cards. Three hundred sixty degrees towards the poor, and this also includes their health conditions.”