Global Macro, Real Estate, Navigating Great Reset | Neil McCoy-Ward

Today the global financial markets are more tied together then any time before in history. It seems like everything in the world is moving together; the economies, the financial markets, medical problems that we’re dealing with, and so much more.

The Fed, the dollar being the reserve currency of the entire world which is why I do that. Today I am joined with someone whose been to over 65 countries, lived in numerous countries, and can help us tie what’s going on in the United States — with the rest of the world, and give us that national perspective. Understanding this helps give us a better picture of where we’re at currently, what to expect in the near future, and how to prepare.

0:00 Intro

1:35 Who Is Neil McCoy-Ward?

3:05 The Overall Macro View

8:36 Lumber Price Manipulation

11:13 Are Home Prices Going Up Globally?

12:34 Worker Shortages

18:26 There Are Only Two Sides

23:21 How To Look At Things From Both Sides

26:34 The Great Reset

33:05 How To Prepare For Cyber Attacks

36:25 The Foreign Real Estate Markets 41:22 The Fed Buying MBS

50:54 What Should We Do Now?

59:47 Outro