Goats Wear Covid Face Masks in Bizarre Footage

The bizarre footage out of Africa was shot by a couple who claimed they inquired about the masks and were told they were to protect the goats from Covid-19.

“Even here in Rwanda, you don’t have ‘sheep’ that are masked, but look at this here,” a man filming says, referring to the masked goats.

A woman accompanying the man claims locals told her the masks were meant to fight the Covid Omicron variant.

“All those goats are masked, look at them. And we just asked the guy why they do it and they showed us their own masks and they said this is a mask against Covid.”

“This is Covid 2.0 in Rwanda,” the couple says. “Omicron on speed.”

The practice of masking goats appears to be somewhat common in some parts of the Eastern Hemisphere, especially in India, where the media has struck fear in folks keen on preserving the lives of their precious livestock.

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