Historic Saharan dust plume is darkening skies in the Caribbean and will soon stretch into the US

The current Saharan dust episode is leading to the worst dust storm in the Caribbean in decades.Over the weekend, Saharan dust moved into the Caribbean.

By Monday, it had changed the tropical blue skies into a hazy brown-gray color.On Tuesday, this sunset enhancing, blue sky limiting, tropical threat reducing dust plume continues its 5,000-mile journey toward the US.

The Saharan dust will reach the US by Thursday morning

On Wednesday, the dust is forecast to move across the Gulf of Mexico toward Texas.

This dust forecast shows the predicted conditions on Thursday. Darker browns are an indication of where the thickest dust layer will be found.

Thursday morning, people in places like Brownsville in Texas and Houston will likely wake up to a beautiful sunrise and a hazier than normal sky.

Forecast models show the thicker concentration blanketing most of Central America and Mexico Thursday.