How to pull off the greatest economic health hoax in human history (with sources)

First, engineer a scary infectious virus and publish some controversial research about it in the Journal Nature. link to

Miraculously predict that President Donald Trump will face a surprise pandemic in 2020, three years before it happens. link to

Then release the virus created in 2015 from one of the bio safety level 4 labs in Wuhan, China. link to

Scare the shit out of everyone in the west with selectively leaked videos of people dropping dead in the streets, hellscapes of people screaming out of high rises and skyscrapers in locked down cities, people being arrested and whisked away by police to concentration camps.

Using the CDC and NIH, give the everyone false information about the nature of the virus so that he comes off incompetent in the beginning weeks of spread to the USA.

Have Netflix release “Pandemic” right as things were just taking off.

Issue “broken” test kits for coronavirus. Broken, my ass. They were DESIGNED to give false positives and false negatives to delay testing. link to

Take advantage of an already bad flu season that already infected up to 14 million people, and already killed up to 12,000 people between October 1, 2019 and January 4, 2020 in order to use the false positives as proof of a great and scary pandemic. link to

Rally the governors and mayors to issue draconian, freedom squashing ‘shelter in place’, ‘stay at home’, close non-essential business orders to tank the economy.

1 in 3 get laid off.

Stock market tanks 30%

People beg for a bailout. Republicans propose a $500,000,000,000 slush fund they can do whatever they want with. Democrats ask for hundreds of millions of dollars for refugees, public radio and performing arts.

Even the people of Wuhan are chasing government officials shouting, “Fake! Fake! Everything is fake!”