Italian politician claims Covid-19 stats are being manipulated by the government to establish a dictatorship

A member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies has hit out at the country’s leadership for its response to the Covid-19 claiming that the death toll has been greatly exaggerated and that the pandemic is being used to “establish a dictatorship”.

In his fiery speech to the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Vittorio Sgarbi, claimed that 25,000 people did not die in Italy from Covid-19 and that according to the country’s Higher Institute of Health 96.3% of those whose deaths were put down to Coronavirus actually died from other diseases.

Deputy Sgarbi also implored the government not to use the deaths from Covid-19 for “rhetoric and terrorism”.

An indignant Sgarbi compared Italy to Germany and said that Italy had “once again been humiliated by Germany even in illness”. Germany had one of the laxest responses to the Covid-19 pandemic of all major European powers and has proportionately had very few deaths relative to other countries.

In other parts of the world including the United States, politicians have been accused of using the Coronavirus to seize greater powers and impose and Orwellian control grid on the public.

In Ireland meanwhile, Gemma O’Doherty and John Waters are persisting in their legal challenge against the governments lockdown measures on the grounds that they are unconstitutional.

Source: The Liberal