It’s All Theater: Joe Biden Staged COVID Booster On Mockup Set Complete With Fake Outdoor Background

After delivering a speech Monday about his administration’s booster shot rollout, Biden stepped from the podium to a nearby chair with a mockup White House background behind him, and took the booster shot on live TV.


Biden had delivered a speech about boosters at South Court Auditorium of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building before stepping away from the podium to sit near a White House backdrop complete with artificially-lit fake windows showing the White House in the background.


Many on social media were curious as to why the elaborate fake White House stage was necessary for Biden’s booster photo-op, especially when he could have just taken it at the actual White House next door, perhaps at the Rose Garden or Oval Office.


The question is, why did the Biden administration feel the fake set was necessary for Biden’s booster shot event? The bizarre movie set speaks to a wider pattern of lying, deceit, and fraudulence by the Biden administration.


But it’s somehow fitting for a fake puppet president to stage a vaccine stunt on a fake set in a bid to fool the American people that the dangerous Covid injection is “safe and effective.”

The photos from his last vaccine which he took yesterday appear to show that his hands gain a lot of “Man Fur”!

Images below:

biden first vaccine
biden first vaccine shot
biden last vaccine
biden last vaccine shot

The retracting needle didn’t extend back out.