Judy Mikovits Plandemic Movie (Part 1) Removed from YouTube after 900k views

Dr. Judi Mikovits in conjunction with YouTube influencer Mikki Willis have put out a documentary called Plandemic condemning Dr. Anthony Fauci of the CDC in addition to the World Health Organization as a whole.

From Wikipedia:

Plandemic is a 26-minute conspiracy theory video released in May 2020 promoting falsehoods and misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic.[1][2] The film was produced by Mikki Willis’s California-based production company Elevate, which has produced other conspiracist videos in the past.[2][3] The producers of the video state that it is a trailer for an upcoming film to be released in summer 2020.[1][2][4][5] Starring in the video is discredited former medical researcher Judy Mikovits. Mikovits has been described as an anti-vaccine activist, an accusation that she denies.[6]

Promoted by conspiracy theorists, the video spread rapidly and virally on social media, garnering millions of views,[7][8][9] making it “one of the most widespread pieces of coronavirus misinformation.”[9] The video was removed by multiple platforms, including FacebookYouTubeVimeo, and Twitter, over its misleading content and promotion of false information.[1][5][8][9][10]

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