Large ‘Intentional’ explosion damages downtown Nashville Christmas morning

The explosion happened in the area of Second Avenue and Broadway near Commerce Street occurred around 6:30 am Friday. Heavy black smoke could be seen rising above the affected area.

Nashville Fire’s Joseph Pleasant said three people had been transported to the hospital. None of the injuries at the time for those transported were said to be critical.

MNPD, FBI, and ATF are investigating the explosion of an RV outside 166 2nd Avenue North downtown. 

PHOTOS: Large ‘intentional’ explosion in downtown Nashville

Officers responded to a call of shots fired call on 2nd Avenue at approximately 5:30 a.m. The department’s Hazardous Devices Unit was called to check the RV.  As those officers were en route, the vehicle exploded outside an AT&T transmission building.  Multiple buildings on 2nd Avenue were damaged, some extensively.

Body Cam Footage of the Nashville Incident Released: Officer Sipos’ Body Camera Footage, 12 25 2020

Metro Nashville Police Department’s spokesperson, Don Aaron said police believe the explosion was an intentional act.

The immediate downtown area has been sealed off. Explosive detection dogs are conducting sweeps of the area for any other devices. Aaron said they have no indication of a second device, they are sweeping the area out of an abundance of caution.

Was It A RV?

Some close up pics of the damaged in Nashville

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Whoops.. FBI forgets to photo-shop in the 2nd Pinstripe on the RV CCV photo.

They are not the same vehicle besides that, there is a dark square by the little window like maybe an electric plug in or something black small square by one small window and the a/c units are not the same either.