Here We Go…Los Angeles Vaccine Mandate, City Attorney To Draft Ordinance

The Los Angeles City Council voted 13-0 on Wednesday in favor of implementing an indoor vaccine mandate for public spaces in the city, moving one step closer to drafting the ordinance and enshrining it into law.

The council directed the city attorney to draft an ordinance, which would require residents to show proof of immunization in indoor spaces like restaurants, gyms, stores, theaters, stadiums, and music venues, following a similar ordinance implemented in New York City last week.

“If we ever want to get back to normal, to what Los Angeles was like pre-COVID, we need to stop the spread,” said Council President Nury Martinez. “If individuals want to go to their gym, go to their local bar without a mask, you need to get vaccinated. And if you want to watch a basketball game, a baseball game, go to a concert in a big venue, or even go in to a movie theater, you need to get a shot.”

Source: Yahoo News