Michigan House Demorats Introduced 13 New Gun Control Bills

Eleven of these bills mirror already introduced legislation in the Michigan Senate dealing with long gun background checks, storage mandates and Red Flag.

The two new bills would ban possession and carry of firearms at any building owned or leased by the state. This would include Michigan highway rest stops and MDNR buildings as well as state offices such as the Secretary of State.

However, HB 4150 goes much farther than that. House Bill 4150 eliminates an exemption in state law that allows CPL holders to carry in banks, credit unions, and anywhere with a liquor license (gas stations, grocery stores, convenience stores, and even retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond). Any restaurant that serves alcohol would also now be off limits regardless of whether that’s its primary source of income.

See: http://legislature.mi.gov/doc.aspx?2023-HB-4150

Even worse, because MCL 750.234d prohibits possession of a firearm on the premises of any of those places, without the exception for CPL holders, it would be illegal to even store a firearm in one’s vehicle in a parking lot prior to entering the business. This would make it very difficult to exercise concealed carry on one’s person or in a vehicle throughout much of the state.

Yesterday, MCRGO testified in the House Judiciary Committee against House Bill 4127 that would make it illegal to possess a firearm within 100′ of an absentee ballot drop box. Because most of these boxes are curbside, the bill would prohibit possession of a firearm along many roads, streets, municipal buildings, adjoining businesses, and sidewalks. When that impact was pointed out, there was no reaction from most of the committee members other than the two Republicans.

With the introduction of HB 4150, it is now apparent that Michigan House Democrats intentionally aim to make it very difficult to legally carry concealed in Michigan.

The gun control bills being introduced in the Michigan Legislature have nothing to do with stopping new mass shootings like Oxford or MSU. Instead, their focus is on eliminating most legal carry outside the home by extending gun free zones so that it becomes next to impossible to legally exercise the right to bear arms. This isn’t an exaggeration. But it’s so radical that many legislators and the state’s media have not yet realized the enormous impact.

Michigan has 800,000 CPL holders. That’s 1 out of every 9 adults over the age of 21. Beyond those numbers, 40.2% of Michigan households own at least one firearm. We need every Michigan gun owner to share their opposition to these bills with their state representative regardless of political party. You can find your state representative here: https://www.house.mi.gov/

Michigan Demorats confident proposed gun reform bills will pass