New York Magazine Runs Piece About Vaccine Cultists Pretending To Be Unvaccinated To Get ‘Bootleg Boosters’

New York magazine writer named Benjamin Hart wrote a piece entitled “Johnson & Johnson & Regret” in which he complains about being left out of the Biden regime’s initial booster shot rollout because he got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, whereas people vaccinated with other brands get to have booster shots. In one of the saddest passages in any article ever written in the English language, Hart writes that “some of us have taken matters into our own hands and sought out bootleg boosters at pharmacies by pretending to be unvaccinated.”

Benjamin Hart writes in an actual article published on the New York magazine website: “Never mind that a growing body of evidence shows that we could use another dose more than the Pfizer Pfanatics or Moderna Mafia — that breakthrough infections are at least somewhat more common among one-dose recipients than our smugly double-dosed compatriots, even if hospitalizations remain exceedingly rare.”

Hart adds, “The small size of our cohort, plus the timeline of U.S. vaccine approvals (J&J was last on that score, natch), meant that data was scarce for large swathes of this spring and summer. And despite being in real need of some direction, it has often felt as if we’ve been cast out of the pandemic narrative altogether — like we’re the Generation X of vaccine recipients. Even insentient systems treat us shabbily: A J&J-dosed co-worker reported that New York’s Excelsior app didn’t recognize his vaccination site as legitimate until he called a confused-but-ultimately-helpful human to complain”

“Facing this continual snubbery, some of us have taken matters into our own hands and sought out bootleg boosters at pharmacies by pretending to be unvaccinated. (“Uh, yes, I’ve been hearing more about this coronavirus thing, and it sure sounds concerning! One of your finest Moderna shots, please!”)” (New York magazine passage ends)

This is what happens when globalist institutions inflict mass paranoia on the useful idiots in society and expect slavish servitude in return. The New York magazine article unintentionally provides a window into the darkest and most pathetic corners of the human psyche. In times like these, we must realize that some of our fellow humans are so obedient, so devoid of critical thinking, so tethered to a system taking advantage of them, that they might simply never see reality the way normal people do.

Pity is appropriate. Revulsion is warranted. Maybe it’s time for healthy unvaccinated people to simply demand that the vaccine cultists stay six feet away from us.