Poisoned Chicken Feed Conspiracy Is Being Confirmed

Online claims have emerged, corroborated by others, that the popular “Producer’s Pride” chicken feed sold by the Tractor Supply chain has been recently altered and that its new formulation is causing chickens to stop laying eggs.

Some suggest a deliberate reduction in the amount of protein in the feed may be causing the reduction in egg production. 

Hens do lay fewer eggs in the winter time due to reduced sunlight. Farmers have often used a light to expose hens to longer light so as to produce more egg-laying. Yet farmer sources report that they are seeing a much-greater-than-normal reduction in egg production, to the point where many report that hens are laying zero eggs instead of merely a reduced laying frequency.

There is no word on whether this is a temporary or a permanent change among Tractor Supply feed.

A chicken farmer becomes a rabbit hole diver as she dives deep into this whole chicken feed situation.

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