Popular COVID Home Test Kit Contains Lethal Drug that is Fatal

Why would they include such a dangerous drug in these home test kits? One obvious reason is that these test kits are NOT approved by the FDA, but only given emergency use authorization (EUA)

So the manufacturer is not responsible for any “accidents” that might happen causing organ failure or death.

The instructions for the test kit warns that this is a “hazardous” ingredient that is not to be touched, but that warning does not state that it could cause death or organ failures.

In addition to the obvious problems that these tests cannot possibly be accurate since the Omicron variant is fake to begin with, and that if used wrongly they have lethal consequences, the other problem is that you need to scan a QR code that is then sent to a “telehealth proctor” and now your private health information will no longer be private, but part of their database.

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