Predictive Programming: Family Guy Episode 1 Week Predicts Pandemic and Vaccine Issues

Family Guy Clip shows highlights from the episode aired 11/16/2016.

*Starts with a bat flying around in the house. What are the odds of that???

The bat at one point steals a gun that Peter has attached to a drone to kill it.

*Lois and Peter are initially reluctant to get Stewie vaccinated. They convince the town to not get their children vaccinated.

*Their efforts lead to schools closing and city wide lockdowns and quarantines.

*The episode ends with Lois and Peter changing their minds on vaccinations. There is even a mentioning of how getting vaccinated is not a matter of personal freedom! Sound familiar!?

Watch the clip and judge for yourself. Maybe coincidence, but we know how they must tell us the script before implementing it.

And the timing of it all. A week after Trump upsets Hellary.