The Final Refutal of Virology

In early 2021, Dr. Stefan Lanka conducted control experiments that totally refuted the methods virologists currently use to prove the existence of viruses.

Here, narrated in English by Heather Bruno, Ekaterina Sugak clearly explains the gist of Lanka’s experiments, and reveals the now-irrefutable proof—the so-called SARS-CoV-2 and alleged resultant CoVID-19 viral genomes DO NOT EXIST.

If you are new to the topic of “virus isolation/purification”, I recommend you read this Statement On Virus Isolation from Dr. Kaufman, Dr. Thomas Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell, MA.

69 health/science FOI’s institutions globally had all failed to provide or cite even 1 record of “SARS-COV-2” isolation/purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever. Below is a list of the institutions. Click this link to see the actual responses:…

University of Toronto, McMaster University, Sunnybrook HSC & Mount Sinai Hospital have no record of “COVID-19 virus” isolation