The Revolution America Needs – Democracy Is In Danger

Our social contract is rapidly changing. Democracy is in danger, and there is increasing movement toward “stakeholder capitalism”. We must be cautious, because if democracy ends, something will take its place?—?and the way things are shaping up, it likely won’t be Socialism, or any recognizable form of Capitalism, either.

You know something is wrong, you can feel it, and you can see it all around you. You just haven’t been able to put your finger on it?—?and the media is trying to make you believe your peers are the problem.

This is a call for awareness, after which we must find actionable ways to build upon this awareness. But we can’t even deal with the problem if we don’t truly know what the problem is.

This is a call to rational, intelligent, levelheaded individuals who see the craziness happening on both sides of the aisle right now. Perhaps you don’t agree with storming the capital but you also don’t agree with big tech’s censorship moving to the hardware level and eroding everyone’s privacy.

People need to realize that they are not alone. There are Democrats and liberals who have concerns that the lockdown measures are not proportional to the economic damage being done. There are Republicans and conservatives that aren’t crazy about the rich and think we need a better social safety net. And there are people from the whole spectrum who feel that the merging of the government and corporations is going too far and that nothing good will come of it.

Your beliefs do not need to be restricted to the examples above. The point is that you love America, you know something is seriously wrong, you know the government is likely corrupt, you know that we can no longer trust big tech, and you know that you need to find like-minded individuals. This is who I’m talking to.

If you own land and have guns and you want to keep your land and guns, this could be for you.

If you want a better safety net and you don’t like the idea of fascism or authoritarianism, this is for you.

If you believe we should take better care of the environment but not go so far as to significantly limit human freedoms to do it, this is for you.

If you believe there are commonsense solutions that do not completely destroy our American rights, this is for you.

Whether you are hoping to hang onto Capitalism, or crossing your fingers for a shift to Socialism, either way, I’m talking to you?—?because it seems to me, neither appear to be what lay ahead.

This is not intended to be exclusionary; but I caution:

The only things we cannot have are division and hatred. If you are fine with having absolutely zero privacy, this is not for you. If you think maybe Hitler wasn’t wrong, this is not for you. If you think martial law might be a good idea, but just for “them“, this is not for you. Sadly, such people from both the left and the right, might feel right at home under a totalitarian government run by an authoritarian dictator.

I don’t want that America.

This is a call for people who want America to be free and safe in the ways that we have every reason to believe it should be.

We need to remember our roots. America is not supposed to exist.

We broke away from England because of control?—?because of an oppressive system.

The main underlying reasons for the American Revolution were a lack of equality, a lack of representation, and a real or perceived lack of economic opportunity. If this does not describe the America we have become, I don’t know what does.

A coup d’ etat has already been underway in our country for many years?—?by globalists from international organizations we don’t vote for who operate using very long term plans that are often not in the public’s best interests.

The disconnection of our dollars from gold under Nixon in 1971 was just one more step of a plan already in motion, and today the chaos we are seeing is due to the ramp up for the final stages.

The average person today has very little direct political power. America is not the mess it has become because of your neighbor. It is a mess because of influence, corruption, and bribery, much of which are far outside of our daily control.

Today, the headlines show us that the pieces of an ever-more oppressive system of control is coming via international organizations who are extremely well-funded and influential, and who have been selling off America bit by bit.

We would do well to be concerned about what shady global organizations that we do not vote for are up to. I’m talking about the CFR, the IMF, the WEF, the UN, and even the Federal Reserve. Some of you will know what I’m talking about, others may have some reading to do.

If nothing is done, the elite, who have accumulated tremendous wealth, will continue to do so to the point where we all suffer. The elites are aiming to force upon us a technocracy?—?a world run by specialists in tech, science, and engineering in which every single thing on the planet is tracked, rationed, and accounted for.

The steps you take, the movement of every livestock animal, every tree, everything you eat, and even the clothing you wear. They want nothing short of a global technocracy.

We are fast losing our nation’s sovereignty. And this is not about nationalism?—?I’m not trying to identify specifically with followers of Trump. I’m talking about the need to unwind the control of extremely wealthy individuals, groups, and organizations who have their hands deep within America’s guts and they are systematically ripping them out.

We need to understand that America is being sold out from underneath us for a price that will ultimately be too great to bear.

Today, Democracy is in grave danger. We are seeing quite blatant violations of rights such as the freedom of speech. If Democracy as we know it ends, something will absolutely take its place. Something most people don’t realize is that the type of system run by experts who do not defer to the public opinion, (i.e. technocracy), is not compatible with Democracy. And in this technological age, it becomes the seemingly obvious choice of where to go next for a system of government.

Because people are begging for control at virtually any cost.

We have in fact been moving towards such a system, bit by bit, for many years, but human rights and individual liberties have stood in the way. Those liberties are one by one, systematically being eroded, along with our national sovereignty.

The words of Edmund Burke, a philosopher and statesman?—?though he passed away long ago in 1797?—?have never rang more true than the present:

“The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion.”

The delusion in this case, is that the state can offer us safety and control.

This is not about nationalism, it’s about rationality, and it’s about freedom.

It’s about realizing we don’t need to choose between two ideologies when we all just want something that is functional.

It is about rejecting an increasingly globalist system whose tentacles are worming their way toward fully connected, total control on an authoritarian level, using public-private partnerships and questionable policies and plans that will impact every single human being on the planet.

We need to disconnect the US from these international entities and remove the significant amount of control that extremely wealthy, powerful, non-US individuals and supranational groups have over our remaining rights.

There is no place in America for entities to hold such sway over us in ways where we have little to no political representation.

It is critical to study history right now to understand what’s coming, because it’s eerily repeating itself in many ways.

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

– George Orwell

Additionally, it would be very beneficial to familiarize yourself with the following terms, policies, etc.

  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Human Capital/Impact Investing
  • New Deal for Nature
  • New International Economic Order (NIEO)
  • The World Economic Forum’s Great Reset
  • Global Shaper Movement
  • Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)
  • Technocracy

Just as America broke away from England to have freedom and sovereignty, so now we must find ways for America to break away from unhealthy, destructive globalist influences that are seeking ever greater control and centralization.

However you approach it, tread lightly?— we now know for a fact that Big Tech, and others, are watching.