They want you in masks forever’: World Economic Forum’s Smart Mask Of The Future’ – Video

The World Economic Forum is at it again. The globalist titans behind ‘the Great Reset’ are now promoting a “Smart Mask” that tracks every breath its wearer takes. The masks received a frosty reception online.

Of course. If it’s trackable and counts your breath, that’s how they will tax your carbon emissions and make you pay breathing tax.

This is not about public health, but all about making sure that measures introduced ostensibly to stop the spread of Covid-19 become permanent. Yes, once again the much-derided ‘crackpot conspiracy theorists’ of 2020 have been proved right. 

COVID Will Never End, No Matter What

Remember how last summer, the WEF was promoting a ‘Common Pass‘ health passport scheme, not just for international travel but for access to domestic events too? It would never happen, we were told. That’s ‘David Icke stuff’, was the condescending brush-off. Well, that too has come to pass – no pun intended.

To find out why all this is happening, all we have to do is to follow the money trail. All the way to Davos. What does the pro-permanent mask Imperial College have in common with the pro-permanent mask WEF? Answer: the pro-permanent mask Bill Gates.

smart mack 1

Last month, Gates himself likened putting on a face mask to putting on a pair of trousers. “I just don’t think wearing a mask is such a deep inconvenience. I mean we ask people to wear pants. You know, why was this politicised?” Back in November, he made the same comparison“We ask you to wear pants and, you know, no American says — or very few Americans say — that that’s, like, some terrible thing.”

But is masking up whenever we go out really the same as putting on a pair of trousers, to use the English term?

smart mask 3

Of course it isn’t. Unless you’re Batman or The Lone Ranger, or another Saturday morning cinema superhero, or indeed a bank-robber, wearing a mask in public isn’t normal, and no amount of WEF-spin makes it so. But what walking about with pieces of black cloth over our mouths and noses does do, is maintain the levels of fear in the community. 

smart mask 5

If cases and deaths with Covid have plummeted to zero, but we want to make people live as if there is a permanent pandemic, to keep control over them, and to introduce ‘Covid-certification’ to restrict where they can and cannot go, how else can we keep Project Fear going without masks? 

smart mask 6

It’s the only way we’d know that these were not ‘normal’ times. Which is, of course, precisely why they were introduced when deaths had dwindled to very low numbers.  

Smart masks? The really smart thing is to get wise to the WEF’s dystopian agenda.