Thousands Of Fauci Emails Expose Crimes Against Humanity

Throughout the course of this plandemic, the mainstream media has been heralding Fauci as a voice of reason that we should trust without hesitation.  He came to be regarded as the ultimate authority on all questions related to COVID, and social media companies banned countless users that dared to suggest that he might be wrong about certain things.

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At the height of the pandemic, the mainstream media had dubbed Fauci America’s “most trusted voice”, and the big news networks treated him as the pinnacle of scientific knowledge and integrity.

But it turns out that he was flat out lying from the very start.  His emails show that he knew exactly what was going on at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and that is because he was funding the research

More than 3,200 pages of emails obtained through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit – covering the period from January to June 2020 – provide a rare glimpse into how Fauci approached his job, showing him dealing directly with the public, health officials, reporters, and even celebrities.

1. In late February 2020, Dr. Fauci received an email alerting him that COVID was released (not accidentally escaped) from a lab in China. Dr. Fauci forwarded the email to a person at NIH/NIAID and told them to “handle it”
Page 522

2. In mid-March 2020, Dr. Fauci received an email titled “Coronavirus bioweapon production method”, which supposedly included instructions of how COVID was created.
Page 2286

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3. In mid-April 2020, Dr. Fauci received an email from researcher Peter Daszak, tied to Wuhan lab, thanking Dr. Fauci for “publicly rejecting the lab leak theory”.
Page 1150

Peter Daszak is also known as Biden’s “COVID cover-up chief”.
[link to (secure)]

4. Fauci had urgent, time sensitive discussions about gain-of function, he told colleagues that retail masks don’t work due to the size of the virus, and, he ignored a scientist who told him that the CCP was lying about COVID.
Page 3027

5.The Gates Foundation innovations were proposed to Dr. Fauci.
Page 1383

6. Possible sequencing of COVID by India, acknowledged by Dr. Fauci.
Page 3200

7. Mark Zuckerberg and Dr. Fauci exchanged emails, talking about the COVID jabs back in late-February 2020, prior to the March 2020 lockdowns. They were already working on trials at that time.

These emails were before Dr Fauci’s February 29th 2020 interview with MSM, saying that we do not need to worry about COVID yet.

He also called the risk of COVID ‘minuscule’ back in mid-February 2020. If he believed that to be the case, why discuss vaccines with Zuckerberg within a few weeks time?
Page 243

8. Fauci was informed (and replied to) an email about the possibility that COVID was engineered (i.e., lab origin), back on February 1st 2020. Pages 3187 ~ 3193

Coronavirus Bioweapon Production Method This is how the virus was created:

9. In early-March 2020, someone emailed Fauci suggesting that the media ought not to be fear-monger, rather, give perspective (with comparisons to other illnesses and diseases).
Page 37

This is the latest bombshell in a long string of incidents which have caused an increasing number of Americans to lose faith in our system.

Everywhere you turn these days, prominent voices are lying.  Virtually everyone has an agenda to push, virtually everyone has ulterior motives, and virtually everyone will do whatever it takes to cover their rear ends at all costs.

Download ALL the emails: