Banks in Trouble, The Big Squeeze Coming – Video

Banks in Trouble, The Big Squeeze coming — No Vaccine can Stop The Great Reset World Economy In Worst Recession Since the Great Depression.

Asset markets have detached themselves from reality. If we just called it the Big Casino instead of The Global Economy, it would be easier to understand and probably more honest.

The casino is pretty accurate; they shave off a little at a time over the years whilst convincing you that you’re a winner. Fake stock market and really pissed off people. The saying goes, “the house ALWAYS wins,” yet the hobbits still go back to the casino every chance they get.

Most people ARE NOT working; most ARE broke!!!! But corporations are going like gangbusters while America burns to the ground. So they introduced the lockdowns in order to siphon wealth from small businesses into the stocks.

The economy will never return to normal without a mega crash. Crash the Global Economy; however, the elite makes their bucks by foreclosing on you and me. Delaying the inevitable just worsens the pain.