You Will Own Nothing & You Will Be Happy | How To Prepare For The Great Reset

You will own nothing, and you’ll be happy, by now you’ve probably heard the plans, the world elites have for us over the next decade aka The Great Reset.

But in this video I want to break down exactly what this means, – The hidden agenda – How they will try to pull this off – And most importantly, what we can do about this right now to protect ourselves and our families.

Whether you lost big or made it out ok—doesn’t matter now, but  what does matter, is how well you are prepared, and how you will do going into 2021.

The world we are going into is not the same as the one we have left behind, and this is true in almost every area of our lives! For us as investors,  2020 was a wild year but… it’s now over, just yet. 

Alan Watt RBN Radio broadcast Archive – The Big System – Jan. 31, 2013

Article from 2011—“A US Base in Africa”

US to Open Drone Base in West African State

England–Poorest families to be Hit with High Council Taxes

Who Owns the Fed?

The State-Owned Bank of North Dakota

Scottish Government Proposes Licensing Airguns

ARGUS drone spots you from 20,000 feet with camera-phone sensors

Tony Blair Given Award from Poland for Helping Thousands to live in Britain–Former-PM-given-award-country-helping-thousands-come-live-Britain.html

Personal info Stored on “Cloud” spied on Routinely by US Authorities

New Gun Allows Cops to Tag DNA Marker on Runaways (404 Code MEMORY-HOLED)

EU to Send Food to Ireland (The Domain no longer exists)

US Fish and Wildlife Service to Kill Barred Owls to Save Spotted Owls (404 Code)

Windsor Ontario to End 51yrs. of Water Fluoridation (The Website No Longer Exists)

Human Brain Project

& More on Above

Glasgow to Become “Smart City”

Viruses Vaccines and Cancer

Insect Spy Drone

Israeli Air Attack in Syria (503 Service Unavailable)

Russia Slams Israeli Attack on Syria (404 Error Code) MEMORY-HOLED

Russia Concern at Israeli Air Strike on Syria

Iran Condemns Israeli Air Strike
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