CDC: ‘1.1 Million Americans Have Died Due to COVID Vaccines’ – Stunning Admission

At least 1.1 million Americans have died as a direct result of recieving the experimental mRNA Covid-19 vaccines, according to a bombshell new CDC report.

Since the time when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted emergency use authorization (EUA) for the toxic jabs, more than six million Americans have died. According to the CDC, of this, 1,106,079 deaths are considered to be “excess,” based on the five-year average from 2015 to 2019. reports: Other government data confirms that mortality rates per 100,000 people are highest among the “fully vaccinated” population, suggesting covid injections are the cause of all this excess mortality. (Related: The CDC has been removing covid jab injury and death reports from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System [VAERS].)

We have the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OEC) to thank for all this data, which is doing the work that the CDC and the FDA refuse to do by actually spelling it all out for the public to see.

An intergovernmental organization with 38 member countries, the OEC was founded in 1961 to “stimulate economic progress and world trade.” Part of what the group does is compile data and extrapolate it in an easy-to-digest format.

People really started dying AFTER the jabs were released, not before

Thus far, every single week in 2022 has seen a significant and noticeable number of excess deaths. At one point, upwards of 350,000 excess deaths were being reported per week, though the average has since decreased somewhat.

“This means 1,700 more Americans actually died by week 38 of 2022 than those who died by week 38 of 2020, despite the fact there was a huge wave of alleged Covid-19 deaths during this period,” reports The Exposé about what the data shows.

Put another way, there are more excess deaths occurring in the post-jab era than there were in the pre-jab era when the media and the government were scaring everyone about “covid.” It turns out the real threat is the jabs.

“But that’s not the worst of it,” The Exposé added. “Because the official CDC figures reveal that 2021 was a record-breaking year for deaths across the USA, with the country recording over 100,000 more deaths than it recorded in 2020, prior to the roll-out of the experimental Covid-19 injections.”

The official numbers from the CDC show that more than 101,000 additional people died in 2021 after Operation Warp Speed was in full swing compared to in 2020 when the jabs had not yet been unleashed.

“The first Covid-19 injection was administered in the USA on December 14th 2020, and according to the quietly published figures provided by the CDC, 6,090,716 Americans sadly lost their lives after this date up until week 38 of 2022,” The Exposé maintains.

If covid injections truly were unleashed for the purpose of “saving lives,” they sure did an awful job. More people died because of the injections, which had they never been released in the first place would have actually saved lives.

“I read recently that the global excess death number is over 75 million,” wrote a commenter. “Couple that with their loss of regeneration, as well as male and female infertility, and this is becoming a mass extinction event.”

Another responded that the actual figure, according to BizNews, is .75 million, or 750,000, excess deaths worldwide in 2022.

“Global excess mortality now is greater than it was during World War II,” wrote someone else, insinuating that covid jab deaths are part of an ongoing WWIII mass depopulation campaign.

Dr. Eli David on Twitter announced that in Israel, 2020 was supposedly a “once-in-a-century pandemic” with no vaccines available, but that total mortality was far higher in 2021 and 2022 after the jabs were unleashed.