Controlled Opposition

Controlled OppositionControlled opposition gives us amazing nuggets of information, get us follow them like heroes, then ultimately spin us off into la la land.

Those seeking real truth are given our “leaders”.. they swoop in with amazing, never-before-seen or heard nuggest of truth. We latch on to them — often treat ’em as hereos… only to be ultimately spun into la la land about 6 to 12 monhts later.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to have a well-known leader be real. That person would be compromised very quickly.

Vladimir Lenin said it best, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

It’s for this reason I highly recommend not following anyone. In other words, be your own leader.

Up until last year, I used to keep a record of who I thought was controlled opposition. I stopped updated this list because it’s always the same deal… give us some truth, we latch on and then we spun out of this world.

Here’s the list of controlled opposition in the truth / new age movement:

All Patriot Radio hosts

Alan Watt – The “Ultimate Gatekeeper”

Amy Goodman

Andrew Napolitano

Alex Jones

Anthony Hilder

Barry Zwicker

Benjamin Fulford

Bill Deagle

Bob Bowman

Charlie Veitch

Chris Simcox

Craig Oxley

Dave Emory

David Icke

David Ray Griffin

David Shayler

David Suzuki

David Wilcock

Don Nicoloff

Dylon Avery (Loose Change)

Eric Jon Phelps

Finton Dunn

Gary Bell

“Genghis” (Scott Vincent)

Gerald Celente

Glenn Beck

Greg Palast

Greg Szymanski

Jack McLamb – Member of CNP (Council for National Policy)

Jerome Corsi – Member of CNP (Council for National Policy)

Jeff Rense

Jeffrey Hill (a.k.a. Shure)

Jeff Schwilk

Jim Gilchrist

Josh Jones

Josh Reeves

Keith Hansen (a.k.a. Vyzygoth)

Keith Olbermann

Kevin Barrett

James (Jimi) Walbert

James Stachowiak

Jim Marrs

Ken Adachi

Lenny Bloom

Leo Zagami
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

Loooooong (aka Amor Mohadi)

Linda Hunnicutt

Leonard Horowitz

Lou Dobbs

Meria Heller

Michael Moore

Michael Tsarion

Nico Haupt

Noam Chomsky

Paula Gloria (New Ager)

Red Ice Creations

Richard Gage

Robert McClary

Robert Steele (“ex” CIA)

Ron Paul

Sean Penn

Simon Shack

Stephen Eichler

Steve Mason

Steven Jones

Stew Webb

Ted Gunderson

Texe Marrs

Thomas Richards

Timothy Patrick White

Tom Flocco

Tom Henegan

Webfairy (Rosalee Grable)

Webster Tarpley

William Rodrequiz