Dan Cohen’s Shocking Investigation Into Fauci Underling Peter Hotez

Dan Cohen examines how Peter Hotez came to prominence thanks to Fauci, Bill Gates and the Clintons, and how he has served as a deceptive political creature throughout the COVID era.

With Anthony Fauci, longtime Don of the biopharma-industrial complex, having retired, the NIH is actively seeking his replacement.

The position demands a tight relationship with pharmaceutical giants, willingness to lie to the public, and a singular focus on exploiting every possibility to treat the world as a laboratory for psuedo-medical experimentation with pharmaceutical products.

There are few figures who fit this criteria as well as Dr. Peter Hotez of the Sabin Institute and Baylor College of Medicine.

For the news channel Redacted, I did a deep dive on Hotez – from the beginning of his career until the present day.

Part 1

Part 2

Whether he replaces Fauci or not, Hotez will surely play a key role in the next coronavirus “pandemic” – which he assures us is around the corner.

This investigation was done in collaboration with Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, which has been incredibly supportive to my work. Please check out their Rumble page.

Huge thanks to Richard Urso, Robert Malone, Pierre Kory and David Wiseman for sharing their expertise.

There will be more to come on Hotez that was beyond the scope of these investigations.

Source: Uncaptured Media