“Freedom Cities”: Trump Embraces NWO Agenda21’s Smart Cities

Like other politicians around the globe, Trump wants to design cities that will “solve” all our problems. Cities are NOT about freedom.

He says we can fit people into 0.5% of the land. Yet Trump sycophants who always warned about UN Agenda21, UN 2030 Agenda, Great Reset, “15 Minute Cities”, Smart Cities, etc — cheer Trump as fighting the NWO.

So what are 15 minute cities? It is a globalist dream for urban planning. Think The Hunger Games where you stay in your district or else.. They will sell this to us in the name of climate change. Will you buy into it?

Protests are popping up around the world against something called 15 minute cities. We’ve covered 15 minute cities here on the show and we warned you about them and now that warning is starting to catch on.