Home Recipe For Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) – Video

Quinine can be made out of the peelings of grapefruits and lemons, but especially grapefruits.

Do not take the lid off of the pot till it cools completely as this will allow the quinine to escape in the steam. Sweeten the tea with raw honey or stevia since it will be bitter from quinine.

For preventative, Take 1 tablespoon daily or with symptoms every couple of hours. Discontinue as soon as you get better. Pease share this to your love ones and allow them to see that God in all of his glory, provides us with all that we need in his amazing creation.

Storage : it will last few weeks in the fridge or can be freeze in ice cubes then put in zip lock bag in the freezer which can last few months!

Also, it is up to the individual reading this to do their own research with this information what they want.

Most of all pharmaceuticals are made synthetically with chemicals, our bodies look better in harmony and synergy when using natural medicines. Always remember you have options. There’s more than one way to get to the destination and get results.