How to remove “COVID-19 Trace you app” from Cell phones – Video

How to tell if your phone has it:
Step 1. Go to Settings
Step 2. Click on GOOGLE
If you see COVID-19 at the top of the list you have it on your phone.

How to remove it?
Step 1. Click on PLAY STORE and then SETTINGS and change to DO NOT AUTO UPDATE APPS. Then go to your main screen and go to step 2.

Step 2. Go to Settings then go to SECURITY AND LOCATION under Settings and shut off “FIND MY DEVICE”.

Step 3. This is the most important part. Make sure your phone is backed up. Go to settings again and then go to APPS AND NOTIFICATIONS (SOME PHONES WILL SAY APPLICATIONS)

Step 4. Then click where it says SEE ALL APPS

Step 5. Look for Google PLAY Services and click that Then on the top right click the 3 vertical dots and click Uninstall updates (If you don’t see the 3 vertical lines some phones require you to click ADVANCED OPTIONS there and then the vertical lines show up).

This takes about 20 seconds so wait about 20 seconds. Now go back to step 1 and see if it’s

Congratulations you just got rid of it! Let me know in comments section if you had covid-19 on your phone also and if it removed it. You can update your other apps but I recommend don’t update google.

It is my personal opinion that the Scamdemic is being used to usher in the evil of socialism and the New World Order so I say this covid-19 app can go to hell where it belongs. This should be a CHOICE if you want this on your cell phone or not.