New Zealand To Remove Baby From Parents After They Request ‘Pure Blood’ For Vital Heart Surgery

In a shocking turn of events, New Zealand authorities are attempting to remove a critically ill, 4-month-old baby from his family after the parents requested “pure blood” be used during vital heart surgery.

The 4-month-old baby needs surgery for pulmonary valve stenosis, a heart valve disorder. The boy’s mother says she wants “pure blood” to be used, arguing that it is “safe” for her baby.

The desperate parents are pleading with doctors to use blood that does not contain traces of mRNA, a technology used in many Covid-19 vaccines.

The health service insists vaccines pose no risk to donor supplies, according to RNZ.

The family’s lawyer claims that the health service is dismissing the parents’ concerns and ignoring the risks that could be posed by the vaccines.

The Auckland High Court will decide on Tuesday whether to grant this request and remove the baby from his parents care and place him under the guardianship of the court.

Over 100 anti-vaccination protesters have gathered outside the court to support the family’s right to choose, as they believe that the state should not be stopping them from giving blood freely to a patient in need.

Officials have said that the Blood Service does not segregate blood from vaccinated and unvaccinated donors, and that there is no risk from the COVID-19 vaccine, but the parents remain unconvinced.

One supporter of the family, Sarah McNaulty, said she was standing up for freedom of choice.

“There’s so many people lined up to give their blood freely,” she said. “That is where tyranny starts. When the state provides us with not being able to give blood freely to a patient that needs it.”

Will the court rule in favor of the parents’ freedom of choice? Will the baby receive the “pure blood” necessary to save his life? Stay tuned for the latest updates on this breaking story.