Rick Santorum’s Ties to Shadowy Right Wing Council for National Policy

Rick Santorum Tea Party CandidateGOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum is building momentum and he is unabashedly flying his Dominionist flag high. He is pulling the Dominionist leaders and their mega-millionaire backers out of the brush and into the light. Like Santorum, they all appear to have the same faulty “edit” switch – preventing them from keeping their extreme rhetoric in check. These zealots are so filled with adrenaline and a sense of divine authority that they are charging boldly into the deep well of political Christianity for all to see.

Over the years that I have been writing about the bible-based cult of Dominionism and their adherents, I have been routinely met with doubt that Dominionists actually exist; and if those I tell grasp their existence at all – then the reactions are usually nonchalant, believing that Dominionism in American politics is not a force to be concerned about. That perspective has made sense in the past, because unless you are a researcher, politico or an activist on church and state concerns, most Americans just aren’t aware of how infested our political landscape is with this extremism.

In the 1980s we began to hear the rumble of this group during the Reagan years and the emergence of the Religious Right. Most of us saw this as the efforts of well-meaning Christians but not as the beginning of the March of the Theocrats. Organizations were forming all over the nation’s map – many of them unnoticed by not only the general population, but by mainstream Christians as well. These organizations spanned the gamut from ultra-conservative political to Dominionist and are still well-supported, funded by enormously wealthy patrons and whose meetings are faithfully attended behind closed doors.

Source: http://www.politicususa.com/en/rick-santorum-council-national-policy