Solving The Freedom / Tyranny Puzzle… The Calm Before The Storm

How much would you be willing to sacrifice for freedom? And in what way, preferably? How far would you be willing to go? And what if I told you that you don’t need to put your life at substantial risk to achieve that? Something that was not really possible in the past when facing up against tyrannical regimes, but is possible now.

John Locke’s quote below provides a clue.

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Here is another one, this time from Michel de Montaigne. The history of our current crisis and how to overcome it… all in one place.

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Another hint to solving the freedom/tyranny puzzle, but particularly when it comes to overcoming propaganda/mass formation, is provided by Spinoza:

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Broadly speaking, I assume no one wants to lose or sacrifice their life directly so others can live in freedom. This kind of desperation is still far off in most places and does not reach yet into people’s minds. So, what kind of sacrifice is acceptable for people living in modern, prosperous, peaceful, and relatively undisturbed times?

Have any of you ever thought about that? Or are you just waiting to be saved by someone or for the nightmare to end by itself? Do you really believe that there is no price to pay for freedom? Someone paid that price in that past, so you can be free now and enjoy all the luxuries, pleasures, and entertainments in life. Unfortunately, people are quick to forget that part, and they take things for granted.

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Here are some examples, some realistic, others abstract, and purely hypothetical ones to make it easier. I allowed for some repetition to sneak in to broaden the view and provide a more detailed context in some examples.

Would you be willing to lose your wealth and assets, knowing that you will be able to rebuild them in the future? What about sacrificing part of your health for freedom? Or maybe losing 10 years from your lifespan? Would you accept being poor and struggling for a while? Is losing access to travel and entertainment for a few years acceptable? The introduction of some form of physical labor into your life, for some time, acceptable?

What about losing your home, knowing that you can have it back or build a new one in the future? Losing a car? How about living in harsher conditions for a while? Would you accept living in a more dangerous and less safe world for a period of time? Would you be willing to finally grow up, accept and invite a true form of responsibility into your life? Would you be willing to invite death, pain, and suffering into your life? Would you be willing to sacrifice part of your soul or part of your humanity for freedom?

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Would you accept temporary chaos and uncertainty? More risks and unknowns? What about losing your job, temporarily or permanently? Would you be ready to change your qualifications and start working in a completely different industry? Abandon your career, learn new skills, and find another line of work? Would you sacrifice your smartphone, temporarily or permanently, for freedom? Would you accept working for free for a period of time for the benefit, survival, and stabilization of society while you are being provided food, housing, and means to survive?

Would you be willing to get temporarily imprisoned? Is limited access to the internet for some time okay with you? Few years of struggle while the world is adapting and recovering? Are you willing to get uncomfortable so you can bring freedom, peace and comfort back in the future? Would you accept the old normal never coming back? Accepting war and genocide taking place if it meant freedom prevailing in the end? How about less stability, less certainty, more challenges in your life for a period of time?

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What about the things that currently plague our world? Are you ready to drop the religion of cowardice from your life? We know that safeism destroys growth and limits the necessary exposure to life’s challenges and hardships, which makes us strong, thinking, responsible, and developed adults. The generation that is destroying our society while selling our liberty for safety was trained from the start to value immaturity, conformity, weakness, and coddling.

All of what we see and experience today was inevitable and bound to happen sooner or later, and now is the time for courageous individuals to show up and do their part and try to restore the balance that is currently lacking, not only in society but also in people’s minds, hearts, and souls. Or maybe we are really looking at the death of personal responsibility? Can the fire of courage be lit up once again, or has it been lost forever?

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Would you be willing to lose the things that you own, most of your material possessions, for freedom? Have you ever thought about the people who lose everything when a natural disaster strikes them unexpectedly? An unannounced avalanche, volcano eruption, tsunami, earthquake, etc.

And how are they able to bounce back, regroup and rebuild what they lost? It may really hurt when they lose everything suddenly and in an instant, but they never lose sight of the big picture. Life is not over, and they know they can get back what they lost. So, would you be willing to lose everything for a period of time, knowing that better times will come and you could get it all back eventually and more?

Now, what about the timeframe that would be acceptable for making the necessary sacrifices and enduring the inevitable hardships that will follow? Few months of struggle? Few years? 5 years maybe?

Remember, the reward is freedom with no tyrants and lunatics running your entire lives and treating you like a slave. Without a China-like social credit system, no biosecurity state, no large-scale surveillance, and no technocracy. I’m not saying the world will be perfect, but it wouldn’t be run or controlled anymore by the people with delusions of grandeur. If anything, we would be accepting lesser evil that is much easier to detect, prevent, to overcome, and circumvent if necessary.

The above is quite a long list and a mixed bag of things indeed. And no, I don’t want to scare anyone. Just trying to be real and open as much as possible. So, based on your response, ask yourself, do you really deserve to be free? Think about it in terms of what you are willing to sacrifice for it. Are you willing to sacrifice nearly everything, a lot or close to nothing? Maybe you don’t really care about freedom in the end, or not as much as you initially thought?

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Perhaps the only thing you really want is convenience and access to endless forms of entertainment and pleasures? Maybe indeed you are one of those people who would choose a false sense of security and safety over freedom? And if that is true, aren’t you a slave already? Is this really the kind of life and future that you want for yourself? For your family, children, countrymen, and fellow humans? Think about that.

And for the people who think there is a choice… you would be mistaken. Sacrifices would need to be made regardless of what happens and where things will progress into. It doesn’t matter if freedom and humanity will prevail or if our enemies will reign for an unspecified amount of time. If you pay attention, you know why that is, and it has everything to do with the economy, banking, and financial system.

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The collapse is coming. The only difference is timing. Your enemies want to cruise you slowly during the transition period, where you will gradually accept less of everything in life with constant and over-increasing limits being imposed on you while your entire existence is slowly being chipped away. The opposite path and solutions will hit people hard and relatively fast, and they will be forced to deal with everything in short order. But in the end, they will be able to regroup and rebuild without being on their knees, in a cage, or on a leash.

Life by permission is no life at all. We all need to have the ability to make both good and bad choices. We cannot live and operate in a system built around medical tyranny with a cult-like and pseudoscientific dogma on top where “truth”, “evidence”, and “science” are bestowed upon us only from approved and pseudo-authoritative sources that cannot be questioned.

Here is part of the deal when accepting freedom. It means freedom to make mistakes. Freedom to explore. Freedom to ask and to question. Freedom to develop without an outside influence. Freedom to live your life the way you want. Freedom to choose. Freedom to refuse. Those who will accept and choose endless servitude, show me your papers’ society, and living by permission, will be human beings no more. They will be enslaved humans for a while, but at some point, they will become something else, or their time on this planet will abruptly come to an end.

Accepting suffering is also another hint to solving the freedom/tyranny puzzle:

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It is coming, and it is inevitable. The only thing you can do is choose if you want the suffering to be imposed on you by enemies of humanity or if you will accept a form of it out of your own volition and as an effect of your own conscious decisions and actions. I know this is not what people want to hear… but life is not easy, fair, nor is it a fairytale. This is the time to be strong, to find the courage within, do what’s right, and humanity will get through this dark period. The world needs brave individuals with values and integrity who cherish freedom, human rights, and bodily autonomy and who understand what is truly at stake here.

Back to the central question posed in this article, try to answer it honestly. No need to do that in a comments section, just write it down on a piece of paper for yourself. Of course, people will answer differently, as it is all relative based on their priorities, experiences, the level of understanding of life and everything around them, and the meaning and value of freedom. The way I constructed these questions was explicitly to induce a certain kind of reaction mixed in with feelings and emotions. I also tried to push a little against people’s values and convictions to make them think. Let me know if it worked.

Now, the main question was in regards to the personal sacrifice. But what about the things you are willing to do for freedom? What type of actions would you be willing to undertake to oppose and defeat tyranny so freedom can come back to its rightful place?

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