The Still Face Experiment

The still face experiment is a procedure developed by Edward Tronick in 1978, where a mother faces her baby, and is asked to hold a ‘still face’, in which she does not react to the baby’s behaviours.

The reactions of the baby are then observed. In general, the baby will become agitated by failed attempts to evoke a reaction in the mother. Babies of depressed mothers have been shown to exhibit a lesser reaction, and baby boys have been found to have more difficulty than girls in maintaining affective regulation during the procedure.

Now think about the psychological trauma of prolonged mask wearing around children, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the potential psychological implications this will result in for children.

Creating a generation of humans who will feel and actually be completely disconnected from eachother. These kids won’t have a problem killing others due to the disconnect. I imagine school shootings among other violent crimes will skyrocket in the next decade.