Vaccine Passports Just Got Very Real

The World Health Organization is pushing for global vaccine passports at the same time they are pushing for global pandemic powers through the CA+ treaty we have been discussing.

Did you think TPTB would give up on it?

Reclaim the Net published dozens of edits to this document from various countries. This would establish vaccine passports that would be digital and paper records of your health records, your travel history, your vaccination status for ALL vaccines and an assessment of your threat level based on various data points about you.

These would be readable and shareable by all WHO countries across the globe and it could be used to stop you or your luggage from crossing borders. This gives WHO nations the power to detain you, stop you, require a medical exam on the spot, quarantine you and place you under observation.

They could also take possession of your luggage or other possessions. These powers are being justified because countries could not validate one another’s Covid tests or vaccines during the pandemic.