Yuval Noah Harari Offers His Predictions On How Technology Will Alter The Evolution Of Humans And Change Society.

We will soon have the power to re-engineer our bodies and brains, whether it is with genetic engineering or by directly connecting brains to computers, or by creating completely non-organic entities, artificial intelligence which is not based at all on the organic body and the organic brain.

And these technologies are developing at break-neck speed.

When Yuval Noah Harari published his first book, “Sapiens,” in 2014 about the history of the human species, it became a global bestseller, and turned the little-known, Israeli history professor into one of the most popular writers and thinkers on the planet. 

Yuval Noah Harari is talking about the race to develop artificial intelligence, as well as other technologies like gene editing – that could one day enable parents to create smarter or more attractive children, and brain computer interfaces that could result in human/machine hybrids.

What does that do to a society? It seems like the rich will have access whereas others wouldn’t.

One of the dangers is that we will see in the coming decades a process of– of s– of– greater inequality than in any previous time in history because for the first time, it will be real biological inequality. If the new technologies are available only to the rich or only to people from a certain country then Homo sapiens will split into different biological castes because they really have different bodies and– and different abilities.

INOVIO Receives Authorization to Conduct Phase 3 Efficacy Trial of its COVID-19 DNA Vaccine Candidate, INO-4800

Published: Aug 26, 2021

About INO-4800

INO-4800 is INOVIO’s DNA vaccine candidate against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Composed of a precisely designed DNA plasmid, INO-4800 is injected intradermally followed by electroporation using a proprietary smart device delivering the DNA plasmid directly into cells in the body and is intended to produce a well-tolerated immune response.

INO-4800 is the only nucleic-acid based vaccine that is stable at room temperature for more than a year, at 37°C for more than a month, has a five-year projected shelf life at normal refrigeration temperature and does not need to be frozen during transport or storage – all which INOVIO believes are important considerations for mass immunizations.