A Snapshot Of The United States That Will Scare The Hell Out Of You…

It appears that half the country has fallen under some type of spell so deep that they will willingly kill themselves and attack others who won’t. They cannot discern basic logical truths from obvious fakery.

They’re hateful and violent and demand all others comply. Anyone speaking out is labeled and dealt with.

  • Mass Censorship of differing opinions
  • High inflation
  • Criminalization of political beliefs
  • Hospitals openly murdering hundreds of thousands of people for big Pharma
  • Doctors refusing to do anything that differs with their hospital groups policies.
  • Rampant and open violent street crime with no consequences
  • Deep State and Corporate control over the government
  • Rotting infrastructure from coast to coast
  • Dangerous Left wings groups like Antifa destroying entire cities with no consequences. Sometimes taking over entire sections of major cities.
  • Military weakened by wokeness. They’re more concerned what gender you claim instead of how effective you can fight.
  • The creation of a victim and oppressor classes that paints all white people as racist oppressors and all black people as helpless victims.
  • News has become propaganda not unbiased 4th estate watchdogs. No-one is watching the government
  • The rise of the Left Wing Progressives who make up a small vocal minority demanding that everyone believe the way they do or they shame and cancel you.
  • The indoctrination of children in school to hate America and divides them up among races again with the victim/oppressor mindset.
  • The weaponization of the FBI, CIA and Dept. of Justice. Again controlled by unelected Deep State players.
  • USA allows foreigner and governments from other countries to actually buy up land. Third world countries are smart enough to know this is a bad idea.
  • The USA allows people with dual citizenship to become legislators. How can you work in the best interest of two parties?
  • The border is wide open and the Biden regime is letting everyone in and working against our own border control officers.
  • The party in power plans to never lose another election. They want to end the filibuster, pack the court, federalize all national elections, allow illegal immigrants to vote, require no ID to vote at all.
  • Election fraud is rampant and even suggesting it….is illegal.
  • Morally bankrupt population. A stable family structure is looked on as white supremacist.
  • Schools moving to passing kids without teaching them reading, writing and math. Grades are racist.
  • The CDC, NIH and FDA are all compromised by deep state and big Pharma officials. They cannot be trusted and are actively testing new generation unsafe drugs on the population.
  • With Covid many Democratic controlled states are forcing people to show their papers to go in to a gym or restaurant.
  • Low interest rates

I could go on and on with this list.

There is, however, roughly 80 million conservative Americans who are well-armed and well-meaning. They understand the dangers and are awake to what they’re up against. Of course they’re, labeled anti vaxxers, Racist and white supremacists.

A significant number of people are just going on about their daily lives as if none of this is happening.

Can they regain control of the country before the globalists flood in and take over? That is the only question that remains.