Globalist Mayors Across The World Are Creating A Control Network To Achieve The Goals For Agenda 2030 & 2050

This special report by the UK Column News joins Mark Anderson to discus the movement of mayors seeking international power and how the covid mafia is enabling this power grab.
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Under the smokescreen – the fear, chaos and confusion, of the claimed Covid-19 pandemic and the imposed vaccination program, other deeper agendas are unfolding on a world scale. Of these the Global Cities programmed, together with its Global Mayors, is creating a control network across the globe.

No you didn’t vote for the policies. No you may well not be aware they were even created, let alone being enacted every minute, and hour, of every day. Join Mark Anderson, journalist with Stop the Presses, and myself, Brian Gerrish UK Column, as we look under the global political policy stones to see what the Global City agenda is really about, and what we should do to stop it.

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