Is Oil A Resource, Money, Or Both?

CRUDE OIL is the standard reserve currency of the world (not the fiat U.S. dollar). What makes you think it’s the Government’s fault that gas prices are high? Please understand these several things that have been in place since the 1970’s…

In the 70’s, Henry Kissenger went to Saudi Arabia with a contract that was cleverly drawn up (a similar engine to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913) by the people in power today. It was an agreement stating that the (privately owned) Oil Companies; US standard Oil (Rockefellers), and British Petroleum (The Queen of England’s family, NOT the government) will buy oil exclusively from The Saudi’s “Royal Family” if they agree to the contract.

The Saudi’s being nomads, roaming in the desert at this time, they naively agreed and signed on the dotted line, not knowing they were being setup.

The contract stated several stipulations…one being that the private owned oil companies will do all the extraction/refinery work, and will make the Saudi’s rich beyond imagination, without them even lifting a finger, under several other stipulations as well… 

1. The foreign private oil companies bring in their equipment and extract all oil themselves (Ruling out any opposing influences or labor threats) 

2. ALL oil extracted has to be denominated in $USD$ and no other currency (this pins the dollar to oil) VERY IMPORTANT 

3. The oil companies literally determine the price per barrel and tell the Arab’s what they will pay. THIS IS PROBABLY THE MOST DEVASTATING PART, THEY LITERALLY TELL THE ARABS WHAT THEY WILL PAY THEM PER BARREL, there is no supply and demand, or free market factor here. 

4. A certain percentage of the price per barrel goes back towards the US national debt (somewhat pinning the national debt to the price of oil) The US Dollar, Crude Oil, and The national Debt numbers are pinned together and highly manipulatable with this contract. 

This is a the way they can manipulate strings in multiple sectors of our economy all at once. They can spike oil or crash oil whenever they desire, to build up or destroy or other countries. 15 plus years ago, they brought Crude Oil from $149 per barrel to $50 per barrel, and the Arabs nearly went broke. They have stayed in line with their agreement ever since, and continued to collect their check (in USD, of course) for doing nothing whatsoever. 

Why are we so in bed with The Saudi’s, and how do they have so much oil wealth, but do LITERALLY nothing for it? They own no extraction or refinery machinery/equipment, and don’t have the knowledge to operate them even if they did. They collect a hefty check and send their children to expensive schools abroad for education.

Why can we not extract oil from our own country? Because That would go against contract, that’s why. There are more oil reserves in the US/Alaska than in Saudi Arabia. How come any other country that wants to denominate their own oil in a currency other than USD get overthrown and war declared on them? (look back at what happened to Iraq under Sadam, Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, Iran under Ahmadinejad) Because oil denominated in any currency other than USD would collapse the dollar, that’s why.

No other country wants American dollars…they are FORCED to accept them. Wars are fought because Leaders of countries go against the World Superpowers, not because other countries want to take our freedoms away. If the dollar was not pinned to oil under an illegal shadow contract, and every barrel of oil was not forced to be denominated in US dollars, the “almighty dollar” would collapse as soon as the news got out to the world.

Say what you want, I have been paying very close attention to all these markets for many years now and every single thing still lines up today. CRUDE OIL IS THE WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY AND WHATEVER CURRENCY OIL IS DENOMINATED IS THE WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY.

Everything you and I use on a daily basis comes from crude oil in some way, shape, or form. The foreign oil companies have ZERO vested interests in allowing America to sell its own fuel at the gas pumps. Every gallon of fuel that you put in your vehicle comes from the Saudi’s, put there by foreign corporations. 

Do you remember the “drill here, drill now” slogan everyone adapted that faded away with every other trend? What a running joke. It’ll never happen. APEC and OPEC, the IMF, and The World Bank run the show, under Vatican Law & Uniform Commercial Code, by declared law. May the one true and living God Bless you.