Katherine Watt Exposes The DoD Kill Box Against Humanity – Public Health Is Now Militarized

Society now is run by the DoD and the globalist technocrats and after WWII they largely gave up using war theaters as the kill box and went global with it using soft kill weapons. Big Pharma and the medical industry are basically a .mil operation.

This is a Military Operation being run from the Department of Defense from the Pentagon in Washington D.C. The Vaccines are NOT vaccines at all, they are Bioweapons designed for the Depopulation of United States Citizens.

The Military is acting as a Health Front or a Potemkin Village – making people believe the lie that the jabs are safe and effective.

They are using Public Health laws to carry out a Military Campaign.

Kill Box is a Military term in which the military attacks by Air and Surface to kill the people within this Geographical Box.

On January 24, 2023 a press conference took place discussing the ongoing military deployment of bioweapons.

Katherine Watt, Pennsylvania paralegal and law researcher shares her findings.

Department of Defense (DoD) & World Health Organization (WHO) intend to set up the entire world as their Geographic Terrain – they want it all.

Target Population: Global population – all the people of the world. We are talking Nazi Genocide on the entire global population. This is a collaborative effort by all Governments and their Militaries as they work in Lockstep to achieve their objectives.

Duration: Permanent – until it’s done.

Weapons they are using:
1. Informational – Propaganda and Censorship
2. Psychological – Fear and Terrorism – constant fear leads to compliance and believing the propaganda.
3. Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear – Referred to as Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines but in fact are TOXINS & PATHOGENS

Compliance Coercion Mechanisms – will be used to control businesses and individuals to comply in exchange for Freedom. Social Credit Score, CBDC’s and Digital ID’s to control both how much money you will receive and what you can spend it on.

This project – this plan has been going on for Centuries. The Global Elite vs the people.

They are using Legal Frameworks to set the final phase up to where they believe they have snuck enough laws and legislation in so they can “Legally” use bioweapons — untested jabs. These are Bioweapons 100%. They know it. It is Intentional. They believe that they legally can do this. They are INSANE.

They began labeling Poisons, Pathogens and Toxins as Medicines – Vaccines back in the 60’s.
Now they are trying to make it our Civil Duty to submit to these Vaccines. You must do it to Protect others. One Massive LIE.

The order of institutes is like this: Bank for International Settlements, National Gov, State Gov, Hospitals, Schools, City Councils – if you comply with their bullshit mandates of masking, testing, 6 ft, isolation, taking the healthy jabs then you will get the financial rewards to run your business and means to live your life. If you don’t comply, you can lose business funding, lose jobs and be kicked out of military.

Why do they believe they can do this? They believe through the decades they have established Legal Framework.

1969 Chemical and Biological Warfare Program – 50 U.S.C. 32 – states they can do their evil Biowarfare research if it’s for protective, prophylactic and defensive purposes. So they went full speed ahead. This piece of legislation is insane.

1983 – The Public Health and Medical Response to Disasters

1983 Foundational Public Health Emergency

1986 – National Vaccine Program and National Childhood Injury Act – this insane law was criminal and REMOVED Big Pharma Liability from all vaccine injuries, disabilities and deaths.

1997 –1998 – The Emergency Use Authorization was set up. Flat out Evil – we either had extremely careless, ignorant, incompetent politicians or they were bribed.

Around this time, the US Military was using Unapproved Anthrax Vaccines on the troops with horrific side effects.

Congress stepped in and passed a law that said No more Untested Vaccines on the Military. But in another piece of legislation just a few days later they passed a law that allows the General Population to be Vaccinated with Unapproved, Untested Vaccines. CRAZY.

2000 – Public Health Threats and Emergencies Act and 2001 – Authorization for Use of Military Force – with the Terrorism False Flags this made ALL Humans on the planet Presumptive Enemy combatants and targets.

2001 Patriot Act – focused on enemy combats – terrorists. This was the beginning of removing all Freedom and continues today.

Then there were laws that merged DoD, DoJ, HHS, and DHS into one functioning agency.

2002 – fresh off of 911 hoax which did fool 90 plus percent, and after the alleged Anthrax attack on congress there were multiple touch ups, amendments which gave the power to the Military on almost any kind of emergency. All in the name of the False Pretense of protecting Americans.

World Health Organization is a MILITARY Organization – the WHO will be the Military Arm of the New World Order Government.

The WHO played their part in amending health law.

The Plan was coming together – now they did some Practice Test Runs

2003: SARS
2006: MERS
2009: H1N1

2005: Amendments to International Health Regulations which were enforced June 2007. The goals of these amendments were to remove both National and State Sovereignty and give it to the WHO.

They wanted both President and Congress complying – and that is exactly what happened.

42 USC 247d: Public Health Emergencies
If the Secretary determines, after consultation with such public health officials as may be necessary, that-
(1) a disease or disorder presents a public health emergency; or
(2) a public health emergency, including significant outbreaks of infectious diseases or bioterrorist attacks, otherwise exists,
Anyway, the if Secretary declares emergency, they have unlimited funds as it says “without fiscal limitation.” So they get to spend unlimited funds from the Public Health Emergency Fund on a fake pandemic to go on a pure propaganda campaign to convince the congress, senate, house – those out of the know in the medical field that Countermeasures (Vaccines) are needed now.

Under the bullshit codes they set up with DoD they do NOT even have to test them at all. But they didn’t want the public knowing this, so they half assed a very short clinical trial and the FDA played their charades acting like they reviewed a novel drug that wasn’t even tested on animals but went straight to humans…Naz-si style.

2022 – Other Transactions Authority – Pfizer claims these Vaccines are Prototypes and are not required to go through Safety and Efficacy testing or even go through Clinical Trials. Brook Jackson filed a False Claims lawsuit and this was Pfizer’s defense. They said this was a DoD Prototype and we didn’t have to do ANT testing. We didn’t even have to prove ANY safety or efficacy for the FDA.

October 24, 2022 the US Gov filed a statement of Interest in Support of Pfizer’s motion to dismiss the claim that they were acting outside standard regulatory practices when it comes to Vaccine distribution.

The US Gov states Clinical Trials are NOT necessary for DOD to pay contractors for Vaccine deployment.

January 2020: WHO issues Public Health Emergency of International Concern – HHS Secretary immediacy declared a Public Health Emergency.

This was immediately followed by the PREP ACT.

Trump and Biden passed declarations, acts and legislation and opened up a funding stream reinforcing and incentivizing the Kill Box.

More Executive Orders were issued under the Defense Production Act, Stafford Act and Natiional Emergencies Act.

These enactments eliminated Informed Consent by Classifying Healthy Humans as Potential Bio-Hazards or threats to National Security.

All of these Acts supposedly Shield them all of Criminal Liabilities. This also shields the Gov, DOD, FDA and Pfizer from criminal prosecution.

It must be nice to make your own laws to make your murders legal and no chance of prosecution.

This entire scheme is a coordinated joint project between DOD, UN, CDC, FDA, Pfizer, Moderna, WHO, Central Bank, and the Bank for International Settlements.

October 2022: Certain State Laws passed limiting so called protections that are actually hazardous for our health – the Globalists hate when states try to exercise their Sovereignty and make their own Laws. This is what it will take to go after these genocidal murdering maniacs.

What’s going on right now is a flat out Declaration of War on the American Citizens by our Government, Gov Agencies and most of the politicians. There are so many involved it is mind blowing.