New COVID Omicron Variant – Lockdowns & Restrictions to Return

Humanity stands at a checkpoint to determine if it has learned anything since March 2020, the modern-day Ides of March, when the exaggerated and phony COVID-19 pandemic, better known as the Scamdemic, was publicly announced, justifying the biggest power-grab in all of civilization’s history.

For all the talk about very openly and unashamedly violating all liberties and constitutional limits of power by nearly all U.S. state governors, justified as protecting public health, none of the restrictive measures, ranging from the social distancing, mandatory masks, mandatory face-to-face business shutdowns, and general stay-at-home orders, have proven truly effective in promoting public health.

In fact, these measures, inclusive of the unjustified poverty they have wrought, have massively elevated stress levels for millions, if not billions, pushing countless people to extreme depression and suicide, with not a single ounce of remorse from the promoters of the restrictions.

The vast majority of the public bought the narrative of the severity of COVID-19, very willingly surrendering their liberties and rights, thereby enabling the loss of liberties for everyone unwilling to go along with the deception and Scamdemic.

First the governmental authorities (this means and covers the U.S. Federal Government, all federal agencies, the vast majority of U.S. state governments, and the vast majority of their foreign equivalents) lied about two weeks to “flatten the curve”, and then extended the immense power achieved by initially imposing restrictions to nearly infinity.

The end goal, which most people failed to sense, was to impose the new Jim Crow and apartheid – mandatory vaccines in order to travel internationally, eat at restaurants, frequent bars, go to gymnasiums, and have nice, high-paying jobs, despite all the job opportunities that were destroyed because of the unnecessary, unconstitutional, unjustifiable, and horrific restrictions since March 2020.

This was the true agenda the whole time, to scare and corral people into getting the COVID vaccine which is full of dangerous and untested mRNA technology, among other toxic ingredients; those who have taken the shot are the clinical trials that were improperly skipped before these vaccines received an FDA license.

Now that the governmental authorities have seen how easily people are to fool into surrendering their liberties by hyping up a virus that hasn’t proven to either wreak more damage than the common flu or meaningfully reduce the population size in over a year of contagion, these same governmental authorities have become absolutely corrupted with power, as Lord Acton warned.

Although the year 2021 had some relaxations in restrictions, such as the “end” of mask mandates, the re-opening of face-to-face commerce, the governmental authorities are unable to resist the temptation to impose absolute power yet again. This is especially important to realize considering that some U.S. state governors were up for re-election in 2021; they therefore temporarily removed restrictions to make themselves popular enough to win re-election.

This leads to the forecast of this post; now that the elections are finished, the governmental authorities, in collusion with the mainstream media, will use the narrative of the hyped severity of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 to re-impose all restrictions of 2020, ranging from the mandated, and thereby illegal, closure of face-to-face commerce, mandatory mask orders, and general stay-at-home orders, as well as travel suspensions and restrictions. 

Even though millions of people followed orders before and took the vaccines, the governmental authorities have shown their deceptive nature and their true agenda to perpetually use every opportunity to impose this immense tyrannical power on the people.

To be clear, not every single U.S. state will bring back these restrictions, but several, if not the vast majority, will; it is a near certainty that all Democrat U.S. states will bring all these restrictions back into effect. Even though the percentage of the population that has figured out that the COVID-19 narrative was truly a cover for a gigantic power-grab has grown from maybe 30% AT BEST since 2020 to 35% at best as of the time of this writing, that percentage is still a small minority.

That minority is not enough to prevent the unconstitutional restrictions and mandates that plagued humanity in 2020 from returning; just like the first time COVID-19 was announced in the media in March 2020, the media is now reporting the hyped-up Omicron variant as the initial stage to reimpose all those restrictions and mandates, and perhaps new ones too.

Part two of the forecast is therefore, just like last time, the governmental authorities will lie again about ending restrictions if and only if the people take the new vaccine, the one specifically meant for the COVID Omicron variant. This new vaccine is likely to have the same dangerous ingredients as the original COVID vaccine, and may include all kinds of new, dangerous, and never-before-tested technology, to which millions will very willingly line up to take.

While only time will tell whether the majority of people will resist the restrictions this time around rather than submit as they did in 2020, as well as if new and even more unreasonable restrictions will be rolled out, the forecast remains that most restrictions of 2020 will return in the name of the COVID Omicron Variant in the near future, as of the time of this writing.

Source: Liberty Forecast Blog