Pervy Elites Fully Booking Escort Services At WEF

Global elites will be doing more than discussing climate change and the Great Reset at this year’s World Economic Forum. 

Switzerland media outlets are reporting that escort services are fully booked for the week.

“Erotic entertainment” provider Aargau told the daily newspaper 20 Minuten that diplomats and businesses have hired their escorts for “themselves and their employees” to party in Davos hotels. 

“For example, our women have already been brought to Davos by diplomats and company bosses. Some also book escorts for themselves and their employees to party in the hotel suite,” said the studio’s managing director. 

Escorts are being hired for dinners and “subsequent sexual services.” Hired escorts describe the clientele as more demanding and having higher standards. 

“The customers are more demanding than our normal clientele. Above all, women with a model figure and top appearance are in demand,” the manager said. 

Some escorts are even being booked for a full three-day workload. 

The head of Xenia’s “sex work department,” Christa Ammann told the Swiss outlet that her escorts offer a special wider range of services for elites at events like the WEF summit. 

“The WEF belongs in the category of such events,” said Ammann.

Erotic services provider Villa-Velver has had their services fully booked with eleven reservations and 25 inquiries coming in per week. 

“But I assume that there will be more,” said the organization. 

“As soon as a customer books one of our ladies for at least four hours, she drives into the mountains.”

An entire night with one of their escorts costs up to $2,753 USD. 

“As soon as a customer books one of our ladies for at least four hours, she drives into the mountains,” said Villa-Velver. 

Police seem to pay no mind to the flow of escorts saying that they have not had any problems due to the increased demand for the sex trade. 

“People affected by controls are required to identify themselves and to have themselves, their vehicle and any objects they are carrying searched,” said police spokesperson Markus Walser. 

Source: Counter Signal