The Current “Monkeypox” Plandemic Was Simulated In March 2021

So US purchased Monkeypox vax a week ago, world is about to sign a treaty with the WHO, giving them full control during a health emergency, Bill Gates warned us about “the next one.” Monkeypox now making headlines.

The simulated outbreak even starts on May 15, 2022, just like the “real” one. What a coincidence…

In the simulation, the death count reaches 271 mill. people on December 1st, 2023. That tells me that they’ll count every natural death as a “monkeypox” death eventually, as long as the dead person supposedly tested “positive” at some point in the past.

They’ll also encourage all asymptomatic people to “test” and isolate. They’ll artificially drive up the number of “infected” using flawed PCR tests and other faulty test methods. (In the simulation, 3 billion people are “infected” by the end of 2023.)

Coincidentally, the WHO has recently put in place new emergency laws to let them mandate global forced vaccinations and global lockdowns whenever they deem them necessary.

Notice that the simulation also talks about a 2023 MSM narrative blaming Russian terrorists for funding the weaponization of monkeypox in a Ukrainian lab. (Ukraine and Russia are given other names in the document, of course.)

Read for yourself: Link To PDF

NTI is a nonprofit co-founded by Ted Turner and the Munich Security Conference is an annual meeting on international security policy held in Munich, Bavaria, Germany since 1963.

In a creepy video produced for the exercise, a news reporter describes a monkeypox virus engineered by biological terrorists to resist vaccines.

“Poor oversight and gaps in global governance leave us vulnerable to catastrophic biological threats,” the fictional video tells viewers.

The video pushes the narrative that nations taking “early and decisive action” were able to minimize the harm done by the virus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is also referred to as the group in charge of the response to the virus in the exercise.