The Newest James Bond Movie Is Hollywood Showing Us What Global Elites Are Up To

To the ordinary COVID-jabbed, corporate news-consuming American, the new James Bond film is an action-packed fitting end to Daniel Craig’s tenure as the womanizing “double-O” British spy agent.

To keen observers of the global effort currently underway to eradicate human rights and usher in a worldwide dictatorship, the film is yet another instance of Hollywood showing us what sinister elites are doing before our very eyes and laughing at us for not picking up on it.

Without giving away too many details, No Time to Die is about a bad guy who creates a bioweapon that can attack people based on their genetic composition. People that become infected acquire nano-robots in their blood stream. They, in turn, become carriers of the virus, which they can spread to others they come in contact with.

Aside from being pretty much like every other Bond film, the plot of this one follows almost to a T what’s happening in our world today with COVID-19 — even though the movie was shot before COVID was a thing.

Just like in the movie, people are being injected with unknown ingredients that are causing major adverse reactions. They’re then getting “booster” shots that some researchers believe allow them to infect others and can increase their chances of dying later on due to a compromised immune system.

Hollywood has been grooming the U.S. and global public for decades with its movies, or should I say indoctrination films. Dystopian films like ContagionI Am LegendPerfect Senseand many, many others have similar virus-themed storylines that mirror the events going on around us today.

Marvel and other “superhero” movies are also a clever Hollywood scheme to get normal people to forget about the real, spiritually edifying heroes of history — missionaries, saints, martyrs — and to develop a cult-like following of leftist A-list celebrities.

There’s a telling scene about three quarters of the way through No Time to Die when Bond comes face to face with the bad guy. They have a brief but highly enlightening conversation about why he’s doing what he’s doing. Bond tries to convince him of his evil ways, but he responds by saying, and I’m paraphrasing here, that most people want to be told what to do and to let things happen to them, and that men like him are supposed to create their reality for them.

To me, that conversation was the most telling part not just of this film, but of what Hollywood is generally up to these days: hubristically working in concert with the Deep State and others to telegraph to a blind public what’s going to happen to them all.

Really what’s going on is a large-scale desensitization program so that when society truly crashes and burns everyone will be so stunned, they won’t be able to fight back. Everyone will be saying how “this is just like the movies!” — without realizing they were being groomed all along to get to that point. My advice? Take Hollywood at its word. Prepare now for what they keep telling us is going to happen.