Windows 11: Part Of The Great Reset Agenda. You Wont Own Your Data And Hardware, And You’ll Be Happy

Is Windows 11 part of the Great Reset agenda? Well it appears so. With Windows 11 you are forfeiting the rights to your data and essentially the hardware that Windows 11 runs on.

Its also forcing hardware manufacturers to create computer and electronics components that allow the operating system full power and control over that hardware … overriding your total control over the hardware you own. Even as an administrative end user of your computer, you will need to ask Microsoft permission to do various things ….. on your own device.

For those of you considering Windows 11 …. dont.

Seriously stick with Windows 10 and begin looking into other open source operating systems like Linux. Especially if you want to fight the Great Reset and if you want to crush their plans of taking over the world.

The way Windows 11 is made it will mean that all new computers and devices will be forced to run Windows 11 (and not have the ability to run other operating systems).

So if you have an old computer, keep it. Because in a year from now you wont have a choice if you buy a brand new device.